Home is where the pictures hang

Gemma Marlow Art

Home is where the pictures hang

Gemma Marlow Art


Bespoke Art for modern home living from Gemma Marlow Art

Gemma Marlow Art creats art to hang in your home to bring you a sense of joy, to bring back good memories or simply just a fun piece that brightens up your wall and makes you happy.

Hanging a visual story up on your wall will be there to lift your spirit on a bad day and brighten up the home for you and others to enjoy.

I wouldn’t say that I have one particular style but many! Depending on the mood, the texture and movement I am trying to create, I use a range of different ways to apply the paint. Feel free to check them out!

Bespoke paintings can be created so that you can get the right picture for your wall. Or you may connect with some works that I have already produced from my own inspiration and imagination.

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Gemma Marlow Art
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“Gemma is so approachable and accommodating. I wanted a piece of her art collection but I wanted to change it slightly to fit our style, I was nervous to ask because i know some artists don’t like that, I’m so glad I asked! She was more than happy to make it fit for us and she even helped me get the vision I had, into the perfect picture. Thanks so much, I’m so glad I reached out to you, you’re wonderful, reliable and trustworthy”

Ruthie CJ

“I have been watching Gemma’s paintings for a while, and they get better and better with time. Gemma is an extremely accomplished artist, and recently bought one of her paintings as a gift for a friend. We both loved it. It is clear they are painted with love, and would recommend anyone to have one in their home.”

Linzi Rae

“Gemma’s paintings make great original gifts. I bought one for a friend who loved it and keeps it on her desk, as a way to brighten the working day.”

Colin Gower
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